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Pluming Installation

Next remove the corner screws that are securing the top of the old vanity to the countertop. The countertop should then be able to be lifted off of the old vanity. After the countertop has been separated from the vanity, remove the faucet hardware if you plan on reusing the existing faucet. Make sure, however, when purchasing your new vanity countertop that it will support the faucet configuration. After the counter top and faucet have been removed from the work area, unscrew the back and/or side screws that hold the vanity to the wall(s). Then remove the vanity from the bathroom.



Under floor heating is not a new concept in this country either. In the past electric heating elements were buried within floor screeds. These were heated over night using cheap rate electricity. The main fault was the uncontrollability, the building would over heat during the day but in the evening, when heat is generally required, no further heat was available.
With today's modern plastic pipes, control systems and high efficiency boilers the under floor heating systems of today are extremely comfortable and controllable.

No longer will unsightly radiators take up room space create hot and cold spots in the house and circulate dust. We have many years of combined experience in the business & our aim is to provide you with the best quality floor heating at a competitive price. Maspeth Sewer and Drain Cleaning offer a quote and design service so whether you are looking for an invisible heating solution for a bathroom renovation or for an energy efficient way to heat your new home, why not give us a call?