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Next remove the corner screws that are securing the top of the old vanity to the countertop. The countertop should then be able to be lifted off of the old vanity. After the countertop has been separated from the vanity, remove the faucet hardware if you plan on reusing the existing faucet. Make sure, however, when purchasing your new vanity countertop that it will support the faucet configuration. After the counter top and faucet have been removed from the work area, unscrew the back and/or side screws that hold the vanity to the wall(s). Then remove the vanity from the bathroom.



In a family household a broken toilet can be a big problem, especially for those that only have one bathroom. For most things that involve the toilet and other water fixtures, but that is just not the case. The toilet is actually one of the more simple devices in the home and anyone can do most repairs without having a lot of trouble.

There can be many reasons why a toilet is not functioning properly or possible leaking. The toilet is attached to the hole in the floor with two bolts, and in between the hole and the toilet is a seal, like a gasket on a car. Normally this seal is made from wax and will last about 10 years or more depending on the amount of use. If the toilet is leaking around the base then more than likely the seal has gone badly. Other things to check for are cracks in the porcelain and sweating.