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Pluming Installation

Next remove the corner screws that are securing the top of the old vanity to the countertop. The countertop should then be able to be lifted off of the old vanity. After the countertop has been separated from the vanity, remove the faucet hardware if you plan on reusing the existing faucet. Make sure, however, when purchasing your new vanity countertop that it will support the faucet configuration. After the counter top and faucet have been removed from the work area, unscrew the back and/or side screws that hold the vanity to the wall(s). Then remove the vanity from the bathroom.


Leak detection and repair

We provide water leak detection services in buildings and pipe work. This includes detecting underground water leaks, heating systems and building envelopes.

Finding water leaks can be a costly & lengthy process so having the right equipment and expertise allows us to efficiently locate the leak source and save our clients time and money.

The water leak detectors that our engineers carry include Thermal Imaging Cameras, Ground Microphones, and Leak Correlates, Acoustic data Loggers & trace gas injection and sensing equipment.

We combine this equipment and in some cases bespoke leak detection systems to suit individual client’s needs. We can provide expert teams to expose leak sites and carry out water leak repairs. We are able to reinstate and closely match any existing finishes or hard landscaping. Our teams also carry moiling equipment so we can replace sections of pipe without having to cut trenches through finished landscapes.